Helogical Group, LLC, pairs unsurpassed leadership with in-depth project management expertise to create superior business solutions for commercial and government organizations.

In 2008, after nearly a decade serving as a Marine Corps attack helicopter pilot, Helogical Group’s president, Joshua Roots, began working as a government contractor. He soon realized that while many customers were awash in Subject Matter Experts and project management theories, what they needed most was the leadership expertise necessary to connect those theories to the SMEs. Obtaining his Project Management Profession (PMP) certification and teaching PMP Prep courses part time, it became apparent that although management concepts can be learned in the classroom, leadership is a skill that can only be forged from life experiences. Using his extensive background of leading Marines in both peacetime and war, and applying his substantial knowledge of PMP practices, he created Helogical Group to provide customers with the ability to not just manage a project, but drive it to success. What differentiates Helogical Group from the competition is its unique blend of project leadership and management, a dedicated focus on the customer’s needs, and an unrivaled level of tenacity to  overcome any challenges that arise. 

But while any company can sound good on paper, Helogical Group knows that the proof most valuable to customers is performance. Recent past performance has seen Helogical Group excel across multiple lines of business within the Federal Government to include: 

 Program Management for the FAA’s 737MAX Return to Service Initiative. 

 Requirements gathering, scheduling, and team development for the FAA’s On-The-Job Training program revamp. 

 Program scheduling and risk management for the FAA’s Certification Services Oversight Process. 

Creation of a KSA site for the Department of Veteran Affairs’ OAL division. 

Requirements gathering and risk management for the Department of the Navy’s SSP program. 


Project Leadership

Most projects today don’t lack technical expertise, but rather the ability to lead those Subject Matter Experts. Understanding what the customer needs, then ensuring everyone on a project is clear about the scope, schedule, and budget is only half of the task. The other half is the day-to-day leadership to ensure goals are being met, challenges are identified and mitigated, and risks that become hazards are dealt with. The ability to not just plan, but adapt to an ever-evolving environment is a cornerstone of Helogical Group’s leadership expertise. 

Customer Focus

Helogical Group defines its own success by the success of our customers. As such, we concentrate on facilitating each project with a team mentality, focusing on what the customer wants and needs, then finding solutions to achieve those goals. Our customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority, so we strive to not only understand goals, but also to maintain transparency with communication so all parties on a project know what is happening at all times.


Project Management is rife with risk and challenges, but Helogical Group views these as obstacles that can and will be overcome rather than hazards that prevent meeting deadlines. Proper planning and communication at the onset of a project are crucial to avoiding many challenges, but the ability to adapt and overcome once they are encountered is what sets Helogical Group apart from the competition. This is accomplished by understanding the end goal of a project, the resources available, and researching solutions both inside and outside of “the box”.